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Ripple XRP

Ripple Value


Ripples XRP is one of the more unusual of the crypto offerings. Designed specifically for financial institutions and payment providers and recently linked with Santander it is seen as the establishments entry into the market. It has a clear purpose, to facilitate the transfer of value between entities. Because of this purpose is was designed with some core features in mind, scalability, speed and low cost.

Big Banks

XRP is the most scalable big cryptocurrencies but there are some new up and comers such as IOTA which also boast unlimited scalability. A standard money transfer across the world now can take days while an XRP transfer can take seconds. The banks want to leverage this speed in their businesses as well as use XRP as a bridge between fiat currencies.

XRP is extremely secure as you would expect from a currency backed by big financial institutions. To date there have been no issues with any XRP transaction and is handling more than 2000 transactions per second. The security comes from the XRP Ledger which records every transaction and is totally decentralised.

It is very likely that the majority of big financial businesses will adopt XRP for their international dealings because by design it is the best cryptocurrency for the job. Once that happens it will be hard for the other cryptocurrencies without a specific niche to justify their existence.