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The NAGA Group

NAGA coin is quite unique amongst other cryptocurrencies as it is backed by a publicly traded company. The NAGA GROUP AG is a German FinTech company listed on the German Stock Exchange. NAGA as a company was founded back in 2015 and was the fastest filling German IPO for 15 years. With Millions in yearly revenue NAGA is well positioned to make a move into the crypto market.

How to buy NAGA Coin

As of writing this NAGA coin is currently undergoing an ICO (Naga ICO) with an initial sale price of $1 per NGC. After the ICO ends on December 16th 2017 it will become available on various exchanges.

Goal of NAGA

In a world susceptible to global financial crises like the one in 2008, the world is looking for ways to protect itself from these big financial organisations with little accountability. The modern fiat currencies are intrinsically worthless, nothing more than paper with printed numbers on them. Given value only by an agreement between the payer and payee to abide by that value. When the banks allows credit, new fiat money is made from nothing. And we give it the same value as any other. Today's money has some disturbing deficits, losing its value due to inflation and excessive national debt made possible through fiat currency.

After the rise of Bitcoin more than 1.337 cryptocurrencies have entered the market. This competition of new money will unleash astounding innovative forces in our society. Naga wants to be a part of this and believe NAGA coin can fill a gap in the market.

NAGA and Gaming

NAGA Coin is looking to become the coin of virtual item sales, allowing gamers to fluidly transition from buying and selling their in-game items to their NAGA Wallet and then use that currency for non game related activities, removing the feeling of having a large chunk of your assets tied up in games without and easy way of using them.

NAGA will accomplish this with the help of Switex which is a virtual goods exchange within the NAGA ecosystem. This exchange will interact with the games as well as the NAGA Wallet creating a free movement of capital. This ecosystem will also include SwipeStox which is a social trading platform allowing NAGA coins to be invested in stocks and put to use following other traders which is an approach that has been hugely successful for Etoro. The NAGA Wallet itself will allow users to safely store and trade their NAGA coins and provide a seamless transition between the different parts of the NAGA econsystem.