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Monero(XMR) is a secure and private open-source cryptocurrency available to all, created in 2014. With Monero you have total control over your finances are privacy. Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means it is operated by a network of users. All Transactions are confirmed by the network and is the confirmation is spread across multiple users, once confirmed the transaction is added to the blockchain in an irreversible transaction.


Monero maintains your privacy by using ring signatures and ring confidential transactions, this hides the amounts and origins of transactions. These transactions are also untraceable as the details are hidden by default and cant not be linked back to a outside identity. Monero offers the benefits of a decentralized cryptocurrency without the downsides of some other cryptocurrencies. The focus on privacy and the ease of CPU mining has also given Monero a reputation of being Blackhat friendly. Criminals and malicious online entities can use the privacy offered to move money without trace. People have also found a way to embed Monero mining software into websites as to use the CPU of the visitor to mine for them without their knowledge. One of the big players in this field is Coin-Hive which allows users to place a small piece of javacript in their site to mine Monero from everyone who visits the site.

Unlike Bitcoin based currencies Monero uses the CryptoNote Protocol which has a very different approach to privacy. With bitcoin(BTC) the whole world can see every transaction, where it came from, where it went and how much was sent. With CryptoNote these details are secret from the world. This also means all Monero really are created equal, there is no difference to each unit as they have no history. BTC coins all have a history and some may be more illicit than others, would you want a BTC that tracked back a few transactions to a big heist.

To use Monero the user needs a wallet to interact with the Monero network as well as a viewkey and a spendkey. The Monero software is open source and split into 3 parts (Wallet, Blockchain parser, GUI) and because it is open source and with the rapid growth of Monero you can expect to see third party software to follow.